Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Student Artwork

Student Artwork 2010 - 2012
Arizona State University
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point


Daniel, Untitled 2012
20"x15" CMY monotype

Cassie, "Dawn" 2012
18"x20" CMYK monotype

 Jake, Untitled 2012
Monotype and monoprint

Maria, Untitled 2012
3D monotypes with embossment

Jessica, "Sprouting Life" 2011
30"x22" Viscosity monotype with trace monotype

Ed, "Deconstruction" 2011
22"x15" Additive and reductive monotype

Nic, Untitled 2011
Additive and reductive monotype

Ehren, Untitled, 2011
30"x22" Additive monotype with pastel

Ehren, Untitled 2011
30"x22" monotype and pastel

Nic, Untitled, 2011
Additive monotype


Carlee, "My Camera" 2012
20"x15" screenprint and cyanotype made from digital stencils

Maria, "Inner Workings" 2012
9"x7"x2" screenprints made from digital stencils, book arts
 (detail of one page spread)

Becka, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" 2010
15"x20" screenprint from hand-drawn stencils

Shelby, "Bus Stop" 2010
15" x 11" screenprint from hand-drawn stencils

Shelby, "Passing" 2010
12"x 12" each, screenprint and digital print on wood veneer (triptych)
Final project in which students wrote their own proposals and created a larger body of work.





Rossi, Untitled 2012
12"x14" lithograph and mixed media

Shane, Untitled 2012
15"x11" lithograph and relief

Justin "They May Need Treatment" 2011
15"x11" lithograph and monotype

Orlhand, "Underwater Curiosity" 2011
15"x11" Lithograph and monotype

Laura "Primordial" 2008
15" x 22" reductive/additive lithograph and monotype


Emily "Mandala" 2012
14"x11" one plate a la poupee photogravure and one plate etching

Nic "Las Palmas" 2012
8"x12" two plate a la poupee photogravure

Adam "Apophenia II" 2012
12"x12" A la poupee photogravure

Lindsay, Untitled 2012
10"x12" a la poupee photogravure

Erin "Untainted" 2012
14"x10" a la poupee photogravure

Bridget, Untitled 2012
a la poupee photogravure

Sirrena, Untitled 2012
10"x15" photogravure and pigmented cold wax

Sarah, "Sunday Mornings Black and Blue" 2011
Photogravure inked a la poupee

Angela, "My Baby's Part Kitty" 2011
4 color photogravure


Karl, Untitled, 2011
First assignment of advanced relief in which students cut a 12"x12" wood matrix into
five pieces, then inked and printed them in unique ways.

Nic, "The Entomologist" 2011
30"x22" 2 separate color reductions on sintra

Stacy "Destroy and Rebuild" 2008
22" x 15" Two separate color reductions and key image woodcut
Fourth assignment of beginning relief centered around text and image in which
students used a key image and at least one separate color block.

Jessica, Untitled, 2011
20"x15" Two separate color reductions on sintra

Jessica, "The State of Living Together" 2012
12'x6'x6" installation of relief, screenprint, intaglio, and lithography

Lauren, "The Dream Collector" 2011
20"x15" Color reduction and stencil linoleum cut with monotype
Third assignment in advanced relief where the objective was for students
to engage the public with their art.
Lauren created a poster and a blog (prints-n-things.weebly.com) to collect people's
dreams to use for future reference material in her art.
Lauren, "Dream Journal" 2011
Relief cut book cover and ribbon sewn binding with relief prints contained in book